Doesn’t matter

Living a happy life does not depend on the money you have, it does not matter where you come from, rural areas, shack or even Hostels, these are all the same when it comes to Living a life. This year I’m turning 22 years of age and I grew up living in hostel but I ddnt say just because I’m living in that place I will not succeed, because I told myself that I wanna make it in life. There’s is nothing that will come to you while you are sitting at home and crying yourself to sleep, you must learn to go out there, look for jobs or bursaries or even leanerships. Most of the important thing is to be proud, because we did not chose our families just like we ddnt chose the home we grew up in, but we chose and determine our future.I am now working but I have not stopped in looking for more things to help me become more successful. You know why? It’s because I told myself that there is no one I owe success than myself. So if I a Zulu gal, who grew up in Hostel, raised by a single uneducated parent can do it, so can anyone else, because at the end of the day, I am my worst anemy. I COME FIRST IN MY LIFE, I MUST NEVER GIVE UP AND I OWE IT TO MYSELF TO BE SUCCESSFUL.


It’s Time

It’s Time, Time for me to Accept, Time for me to learn on how to focus on myself a lot. IT’S time for me to learn how to adore Life surrounding me instead of looking for Another Life, that’s not even near me. It’s time to put my self first, it’s Time I fix myself. IT’S TIME I LEARN TO LOVE MYSELF, SO THAT OTHERS WILL LOVE ME TOO.